Sunday 10 April 2022

This weekend (9-10 April 2022)

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Okay, so I would like to keep my writing sharp and fresh. In this passage, I'd try writing what happened in the past two days, in the old-school-style of recount text.

This is Ramadan, which is a month for muslims to conduct fasting. Well, in a full month we are obliged to fast from sun up (fajr) to sun down (magrib). From the first day of ramadan this year, I did not regularly get up for suhoor (which is some kind of breakfast before sun up). I have only done it twice, which is today (10/04)—the 8th day  and the 4th or 5th day (I don't really remember). Okay, this is what happened this weekend.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

I got up tired. The night before, I had got home quite late, because I had had a group iftar in Warung SS BSD, which is about 5 kilometers from my home. I got up at 5 so of course I skipped suhoor for that day. I grabbed my towel and showered. Well, it was a weekend so I basically had so much spare time.

I did my laundry. Not very much of a laundry, though. Only a few pieces of clothes. I am used to separating my laundry based on colored or white clothes, so that the white clothes isn't affected by the colored ones.

While doing laundry (which actually just consisted of waiting for the water to fill up the washing machine tank, pressing this and that, and waited), I read some of my books. I have a habit of reading some books at the same time —which means, not only focus on one book from start to finish, unless it is that good. Alright, the laundry was done so I hung it outside.

I always feel so lucky because the house I live in faces east. That means, every morning I get this privilege of morning sunshine just by opening my front door and curtain. I continued reading, while listening to some music on YouTube —Javanese songs, of course.

The sun is getting higher, and I got sleepy. That is very normal, I think. If you don't eat or drink anything, you will get drowsy. Zzzzz........ I slept on the carpet, with the fan going on maximum speed.

I got up and did the dhuhr prayer, watched some Netflix, and continued reading. Yeah, my day is very boring and repetitive. Then it rained. I had had an appointment with my fiancée to go shopping, so I waited until the rain stopped.

The rain stopped at about 3 pm. I showered (again), prayed ashr, and went to pick her up. Off we went to the ITC BSD department store, it was 4 pm when we went there. We arrived at about 4:30 pm. We got to 3rd floor, went around and around and around. Done. I got what I wanted. It was 5:15 pm, still about half an hour until iftar.

And then it rained again. It was pretty hard. We were in the rooftop of the department store, since the main food court (indoor) was full. Well, the rooftop (which is a parking lot) was still loosely roofed, so we didn't get very wet. We waited and waited, and then that was it. The maghrib adhan came. So we had iftar on the rooftop. The rain had stopped, so we could enjoy the meal peacefully. I had an A&W double chicken while my fiancée had a KFC. What a basic meal. I had never eaten at A&W so that was my first time... I guess. And of course I did try the well-known A&W root beer, which actually tasted like... muscle balm. Rheumason or something like that. Alright, curiosity has been cured. After praying magrib at the department store, we went home.

As soon as I arrived at home, I did laundry again because some jerk splashed me while riding my motorcycle home. The water was stinky and dirty so I washed the clothes I wore. While laundrying, I continued reading, hanged the laundry, and continued reading until I felt sleepy...

Sunday, 10 April 2022

As I said in the previous paragraph, this day marked my second day of having a suhoor. I got up at 3:45 am, which is about an hour to fajr. I fried my ready-to-cook french fries potato, and two sausages. Well, not a single food tastes nice at that very hour so I kinda forced myself to eat. I finished having suhoor, I drank two glasses of water, then the fajr adhan came.

After praying, well —you guessed it— I continued reading yet again. I read and read and read till my eyes felt drowsy. Hehehehe. I slept again (which is very unhealthy, of course) and got up at 9 am. I showered. My clothes from the night before had dried. I took them, and I ironed them.

I finally finished my Percy Jackson book #3 (The Titan's Curse). It took a while that I almost forgot the last chapter I had read some weeks ago. Rick Riordan's story telling and sense of humor are another level. Then it rained again. Not as hard as yesterday, but still. I had another appointment with my fiancée for yet another shopping session and a group iftar with his brother.

We headed to AEON mall, the place was crowded. It's 5:15 pm, or about half an hour to iftar, so it made sense. We went around looking for a place to eat. We went upstair to the food court. And there we got, Ikkudo Ichi ramen shop. fiancée's brother arrived as soon as we went in the shop. The time was 5:30 so we waited for the food and (of course) for magrib time to come. I had a Tori Japanese Curry Ramen and iced ocha. I think I had about 3 glasses of ocha that time. Well, you have to stay hydrated. Two liters per day!

Having finished eating, we headed for the musalla to conduct the magrib prayer. It was more crowded that I had to queue to enter the musalla, had ablution, and prayed. Prayer finished, we headed to Payless shoe shop, looking for shoes, of course. Not a single pair of shoes fulfilled the expectation so we moved to another shoe shop. Yet, none met the expectation.

Long story short, after all the waiting and praying and shoes shopping, I felt thirsty (again!), and turned out, they were thirsty too. (fiancée and bro). We went downstair, to Chatime and went looking for a place to drink our beverages. We had a small chit-chat, then went home.

What a day.

As soon as I got home, I reached my laptop and tried to write this post. Oh God, it's midnight already. Okay, that's my weekend.

Tangerang, 11 April 2022

Writing is hard, writing consistently is way harder

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