Saturday 16 July 2022

Into the Marriage-verse


I would like to express what I am feeling right now, and to store it here, since I know no one will really read it.

I get up early, feeling energized. It doesn't happen quite often lately. I usually get up a bit late, still feeling exhausted, and have this "burden" of going to work I don't really love. But that is for another story.

It's like when you are going for the first time to the university, or going to your first work. Sure there would be hurdles, challenges, and hard times ahead. But it still feels good. It feels beautiful.

A new milestone of life will be discovered. I know the journey would not be like fairy tales or disney secnario. I know it would be really hard to unify, allign, and compromise. It's like having to build a whole lot of Lego blocks, or doing a hell lot of Algebra problems as a junior high student. It's not easy, but you must do it. And you will eventually do it.

It's a quarter to five in the morning. I wrote this on my phone. The car will depart at 6.

Home, 16 July 2022

A first step towards 1000 miles and beyond

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