Friday 12 August 2016

Graduation isn't the End

on a wednesday morning, 20 July 2016. I had my thesis defense held at my campus (Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Nuklir) as one requirement for achieving my bachelor's degree. it was attended by me (of course), my research adviser (Mrs. Noor Anis Kundari) who also attended as reviewer, and the two other reviewers (Mr. Sugili Putra and Mr. Edy Giri).

I presented my report in front of them. The presentation was in English, as it was mandatory. I presented for less than 20 minutes. extra time will decrease the score. I had prepared and trained in front of my friends the night before, so I could predict my presentation duration.
after I had finished my presentation, they asked me questions. each reviewers had about two main questions. each one questioned me (or interviewed to be precise) for almost 20 minutes as well. a full hour just for the interviews. as I remembered, I couldn't answer one question from Mr. Edy Giri and somehow it still spoils me today. then I was asked to exit the room for they were scoring my report and my presentation.
after a while (10 or 15 minutes, I forget), Mr. Sugili as the chairman invited me back to the room.
"Mr. Anas, from our decision. we announce you that you graduate. congratulations. now, as you are a bachelor. a greater responsibility is ahead. especially for our alumnus and our department."
and then Mr Edy Giri said, "for every research you do, always learn the philosophy. once you get the philosophy and the core of your research, it will be easy for you to understand your research as a whole."
and last, Mrs. Anis, "I know you so well. four years I have taught Anas, and in my opinion he has a great willing and motivation to study. but he tends to choose what he wants to study. I will say, every subject is important. if it is not so important for you today, then it will be someday. you just don't know when. and last, the end of your study here in STTN is not the end of your study, as it lasts lifetime. Keep studying."
after all three reviewers had spoken, I was asked to speak as well. and I said, "it is great for me to study here in STTN. at first, I came here to study nuclear engineering, but as time flowed, my interest changed to process engineering / chemical engineering. thank you so much."
and that indicated the end of my defense that day. everyone shook my hand and left.

Graduation is not the end. I will remember your suggestion, Mrs. Anis.

Yogyakarta, 12 August 2016
in my room,
trying to improve my writing skill for IELTS
wish me luck.


  1. then good luck with your ielts

    Using after should be followed by past perfect, after+past perfect, past tense.