Tuesday 9 February 2016

Pros and Cons of Converting to SSD

yesterday evening, 160208 I went to a computer store in this town. I decided to change my hard disk drive (hdd) to a solid state disk (ssd). my friend told me that an ssd can work faster multiple times than hdd. and that is the most influencing reason for me to convert as that my laptop is getting slower.

there are pros and cons for about this upgrade and I'll try to state a few of them. all things I write here is completely due to my subjectivity as a user. I am neither a computer geek, nor a computer specialist. so here they are...

faster process
as I stated in the first paragraph, this is the most important thing to consider. solid state drive is much more faster than the conventional hard disk drive. I can say the booting process takes less than 10 seconds, while the conventional storage device can take up to a half minute or more. and with this new disk installed on my hp r017tx, I can open microsoft office application in almost no time compared to finger-countable seconds to open it while hdd was in.

no more noisy sounds
a solid state drive is unlike mechanical hard disk drive which work physically or mechanically - sorry for the bad diction. it is not as noisy as the conventional drive. you will not read any blah blah blah rpm (revolutions per minute) in ssd boxes, as they do not work that way.

it is so costly
compared to the ancestor drive. yes, absolutely. my former storage disk was a 500 GB hdd which is now worth approximately a half million rupiah. compared to what I bought, a 240 GB ssd is worth approximately a million rupiah. the size halves, but the price doubles.

a friendly conclusion
when I bought the ssd and had it installed yesterday, I can say that it is so light in weight. you can almost crack it in halves. as the technician replaced the former disk, I asked him to move it to an hdd enclosure so that I can use it as an external disk drive. for the conclusion. I can say that ssd is really worth it. you can get what you are searching for. the price can answer your question before you even have to ask. like they say price determines quality. for a double price, you get multiple improvements. from increase in speed to battery friendliness for your portable computer (I have read about it, though I haven't tried it out. maybe later).

documentation : the former 500 gb hdd enclosed into an hdd enclosure. I got this thing for another 190K rupiah.
From my small room
Yogyakarta, 160209

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