Wednesday 10 February 2016

hawlett packard r017tx

several months ago, I bought an hp r017tx. I was interested with the specs and the price, as I thought that the price was so much cheap for the specs offered. so I bought one unit in a computer store in my town and installed windows 8.1 x64.
not so long after that, there was a problem with the wifi. its receiving signal was so weak that it couldn't connect unless getting approached to 5 meters to the access point. so I brought it to the service center.
I found it difficult to find the place for the first time, as the address was not same as written on the net. the receptionist said that it would take up to a month for a replacement, and my data will all be erased. I agreed, as long as my wifi could work again.
after almost a month of waiting they texted me, informing that the replacement had been done. so I took it. the receptionist said that they had replaced wifi card and the hdd. alright then. so I tried the wifi. and it surprisingly worked... in that place, at least.
as I got home and tried the wifi again. well, I was f*d up. it didn't work again. and the hdd problem seems to persist. how could I know? yeah, the laptop was so slow. slower than my friend's 12" notebook with a weaker processor. so I thought what the heck is happening with the laptop. "should I go to the "service" center once more?" I thought.
but I have no choice. one week later, I visited them once again. with the same problem, meeting the same receptionist. "why does the problem persist?" I asked. "I don't really know, sir. we are just to replace what customers complain." alright then. I waited for another month again.
and they texted me again. I took it again. the receptionist said, "I am sorry, but we don't exactly know what caused the problem. we have replaced the part you requested."
I had a doubt that the service center really had changed my hdd in my last visit. the wifi problem seems to persist, but it was a bit stronger. I could get 1 bar of wifi from an access point next door, or about 10 meters from my room. but the hdd problem seemed to worsen.
last week I replaced the wifi card. not in the "service" center but in a component store in the town. it took 150K rupiah for the replacement, but I now get a stronger wifi card. they also give me a month warranty if anything happen with the card.
and two days ago, I converted my hdd to and ssd. my laptop is so strong and fast now. my review about the newly installed ssd can be accessed here.
for you guys who are going to buy a new laptop, I'll say be careful. be careful with the price. an over-specs laptop with an irrational under-price is something to suspect to. if you are interested in one brand you see in a computer shop or an online shop, read as many as possible reviews about it. make sure you are not tricked or trolled by the price. as a friendly reminder, not all big brands have good aftersale services.
bye bye.

P.S. HP R017TX. it has intel i3 proccie with 1,9 GHz clockspeed, 2 GB or RAM, 500 GB of storage, 2 GB nVidia GeForce 820M graphic card. with a big brand of hawlett-packard, it was considered too 'cheap' that time I bought it. the full specs can be searched via the engine.

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Yogyakarta, 160210

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