Sunday 24 May 2015


there are two kinds of motivations.
the positive and the negative.
positive motivations will say, "yes you can! I will always be in your side. I believe you can do it! nothing is impossible bruh! you got God in your side!" that is the mainstream one.
while negative one will state, "nah! you will never achieve it! it's soooo impossible for you. I can assure you can't do it. wake up man!"
it depends on you to take the second one as motivation or demotivation. if you take it as demotivation, you will say."ah, you're right. I will never achieve it." but if you take it as a motivation, you will ignore what they are saying and pump yourself up. yes, it is a stronger motivation than the first one. you're gonna prove they are wrong about you. their underestimation is invalid. and all those laughs will become applause. 
keep walking. God be with you.

Daaru Hiraa, 24 May 2015

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