Friday 1 May 2015

All You Have to Do Is Keep Walking

here you are. still holding your sky-high dream. something you want so hard. something you struggle for days and nights. the reason you change.
but then, there comes these jerks laughing at you, underestimating you. all they know is that your dream is too high for you, and you will never ever be able to achieve it.
relax mate. you shouldn't take it too seriously. I mean, let them just do whatever they want.  let them laugh as much as they like. it's their rights, isn't it?
all you have to do is just keep walking. those jerks will spend their energy and time laughing at you, getting nothing. and you will have reached millions of steps since the beginning. or maybe one day, all those jerks will stop laughing seeing you finally reach your dream.
cheer up, mate. take no worry. go for your driving force.

Daaru Hiraa, 1 May 2015

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