Thursday 24 December 2015

Final Project

the duty of a researcher is to research, and that of student... is to study, of course. I have been in the middle of my forth year here in this school. that means, it is time for me to do my final project. as it is a subject with 5 credits that must be taken (and finished, of course) to achieve the bachelor title, and to graduate from this school.
I have decided the topic. it can be concluded that it contains so much of thermodynamics, equation(s) of state, and mathematical modelling(s). and it will also involve the use of computer, so much. no, not only the use of Ms Office to write the report, but also the use of modelling and simulation software(s).
however my lecturer says that the research I'm proposing is rather... a pain. she  says my proposed topic is too hard for an undergraduate student. but it doesn't matter as long as it fits my passion. I think it will be fun, so much fun, regarding its difficulties, the hard work, and perhaps the boring parts. yes, there will always be boring parts for every activity, no matter how fun it is.

I hope that I can finish my final project fast. less than 3 months. so that I can chase my other target.

"to infinity and beyond."
Buzz Lightyear

home sweet home
The Prophet's bithday
24 December 2015 / 12 Rabi' al-Awwal 1437

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